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Pennant garland

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Our fabric pennant garlands are a fun and celebratory way to add a touch of celebration and color to any outdoor space and they work particularly well on our glamping tents. Whether you're putting up a tent for a special event or just want to brighten up your garden, these pennant garlands will add a unique touch.

Our fabric pennant garlands are designed for outdoor use. The thick cotton canvas from which the pennants are made can withstand whatever the weather throws at you. The pennant garlands are seven meters long and consist of 22 pennants in changing colors.

There are many ways to use the fabric garlands in your glamping tents. You can attach them to the outside of the tent along the tarpaulin all the way around, in which case you will need two, or you can simply attach them in an inverted V shape that follows the design of the entrance. You can also use them in place of the lines that hold the A-pole at the entrance so the line is more visible and you don't run the risk of walking into it - while adding some color to the tent.

However you use them, our fabric pennant garlands are a versatile and easy-to-use decorative element that will add a touch of fun and character to your glamping tents. The muted natural colors of the pennant garlands perfectly match the glamping tent's Kahki tarpaulin and are a festive addition that completes the style of your glamping tent.

  • Length: 7 meters
  • Flag size: W 115 / H 125 cm
  • Number of flags: 22
  • Material: canvas

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